Torfason wrote and directed Made in Iceland (Gemsar) in 2002. The film reciewed a few nominations. Best Picture and Best Cinematography at The Gothenburg Film Festival, Best Picture at The Digital Film Festival in Berlin, Best picture at The International Film Festival in Sao Paulo (in Sao Paulo the film was in the group: First Time Directors).

“A handful of Reykjavik youths party hard and generally seek the meaning of life in the chaotic "Gemsar," a familiar portrait of rootless young people but with an interesting twist. Blurring the line between fiction and reality, debuting writer-director Mikael Torfason also lets his actors speak about their real-life experiences and dreams for the future. Technically rough pic (fitting its subject matter) could find festival berths. ”
- Gunnar Rehlin, The Variety


Based on Torfason's first novel, Falskur Fugl, and directed by Thor Omar Jonsson. The film premiers 2013.

It got five nomination's at the Edda Film Awards in Iceland, and has traveled the world film festivals.

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